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Ovnes and incubators 

ZHICHENG provide cost-effective drying ovens and incubators that are used in test laboratories and product plants in several industries, eg. electronics, chemical, biotech, nutrition, and medical.

ZHICHENG's products are manufactured in Shanghai and are sold world-wide.

ZHICHENG's product program includes:
- Ovens (up to +300 °C, 30…600 liter)
- Clean benches (300…600 liter, ISO 14644-1 Class 5 (former FED STD 209E Class 100))
- Incubators with our without vibration and cooling

Contact RELIAS for details on ZHICHENG's products and for pricing information. 

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ZHICHENG is based in Shanghai, China, and is a leading, Chinese manufacturer of drying ovens, incubators, and other types of laboratory equipment.

RELIAS  resells ZHICHENG's products in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden as well as in Northern Europe.

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