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 MVG-EMC shielded chambers


British expert MVG-EMC has great experience in specifying, designing, manufacturing, and installing electromagnetically shielded chambers of any size and for any purpose.

MVG-EMC sells both non-attenuated and fully attenuated solutions as well as various components and equipment for installing complete testing solutions.

No matter if the needed solution is a chamber of 3 m, 10 m, or another size, MVG-EMC provides thorough planning, design, installation, and verification of the chamber.
MVG-EMC also has a series of small, shielded standard chambers ideal for use in R&D departments and small test laboratories.

MVG-EMC uses the ferrits, absorbers and filter components. In addition to the chamber itself, MVG-EMC and RELIAS can supply the entire installation package; antennas, turn-table, electrical installation,  air-conditioning and ventilation, masts, measuring receivers, signal generators, amplifiers, coupling boxes, filters, etc.

MVG-EMC provides solutions for:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, both susceptibility and emission

  • Radio-equipment testing

  • Evaluation of antenna characteristics for microwave antennas

  • Electronic Warfare (EW) solutions

  • Evaluation of EW performance in remote-control and radar systems

  • Radar Cross Section (RCS) measurements of vehicles, aircraft, and missiles

  • Customer-specified applications

Contact RELIAS for details on MVG-EMC's products and solutions and for a quotation.

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MVG-EMC er is based in the UK and was formerly known as Rainford EMC Systems.

RELIAS distributes MVG-EMC's solutions in Denmark and Norway.

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