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IMV vibration test systems

IMV is world known for designing and manufacturing electrodynamic shakers in outstanding quality and are one of the oldest players on the marked. Besides designing and producing shaker systems, IMV also has its own test laboratories on several sites and the experience gathered in these laboratories is used in the design and redesign of their product range in order to make even better shakers. 

IMV's products are manufactured in Japan the EU and are being used in many industries all over the world. 

IMV's solutions are ideal for sine vibration, random vibration, and shock/bump testing. IMV's product ranges starts at 0.3 kN and goes up to 350 kN and IMV also offers their own line of power amplifiers and controllers, which can be used with any other major brand of shakers.  

IMV also provides a very broad range of slip tables, head expanders, and fixturing solutions in either magnesium-alloy or aluminium. As is the case with the amplifiers and controllers, the slip tables and head expanders can be provided for use with other major brands of shakers.

Besides being able to deliver shaker systems to the Danish marked, RELIAS can also provide expert service and maintenance of both IMV systems and other brands of shaker systems as well as spare parts for these.  

Contact RELIAS to learn more about IMV's product lines, for advise, for a meeting, or for a quote. 

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IMV is based in  Osaka, Japan and is one of the leading manufactuers of electrodynamic shakers. IMV has several sites in the EU.

RELIAS distributes IMV's products in Denmark. 

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