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ESPEC climatic and thermal test chambers

ESPEC Corp. is an industry-leading expert in environmental simulation and accelerated thermal testing. ESPEC designs and manufactures temperature chambers, climatic chambers, and thermal cycling chambers of undisputed quality.

A combination of market-best quality and unique usability make an ESPEC chamber a reliable resource for many years of testing.

In short, ESPEC's product program includes:

  • Temperature chambers (-75…+180 °C, 20…1.800 liter)

  • Climatic chambers  (10…98% RH, -75…+180 °C, 20…1.800 liter)

  • Walk-in temperature- og climatic chamber from 4 m3 and bigger

  • Air-to-air thermal cycling/shock chamber, from 11 liter and bigger

  • Liquid-to-liquid thermal shock chambers

ESPEC's product program is very broad. Below, you will find some of the most popular series of chambers.

Please contact RELIAS for guidance and advise on which chamber will provide the testing solution you need.

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ESPEC Corp. 


ESPEC is based i Osaka, Japan, and has factories in several locations in Japan, Korea, China and USA.

RELIAS  distributes ESPEC's products in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Bench-Top series
22,5 and 64 liter.  
Constant climate series

105 or 206 liter. 

Platinous series

120, 225, 408 and 800 liter, heat-up/cool-down approx. 3-4 K/min.

AR series

220, 390, 680 and 1100 liter, heat-up/cool-down approx. 5, 10 or 15 K/min.

Thermal chock, elevator-type

Air-to-air, 11 and 100 liter. 

Thermal shock, damper-type

Air-to-air, 5 sizes between 40 and 300 liter. 

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