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CO.FO.ME.GRA. corrosion and UV / sunlight 

For more than 60 years, this Italian industry specialist has designed and manufactured testing solutions for industry and research laboratories.

Co.Fo.Me.Gra. is a market-leader in testing of materials and coloring agents against corrosion and UV light. Co.Fo.Me.Gra. provides both standard products and tailor-made solutions.

The standard products come in two product lines:

CORROSIONBOX is a series of corrosion chamber with the following main data:
- Test volume 400...1.000 liter
- Cyclic testing
- Humidity control
- Communications interface to PC
- Dry corrosion testing
- Prohesion testing

SOLARBOX is a series of UV light testing cabinets witht he following main data:
- Test serface area up to 3.000 cm2
- Temperature control
- Ir-radiance control
- Cyclic testing
- Humidity control
- Communications interface to PC
- Various UV filters

Contact RELIAS for details on Co.Fo.Me.Gras products and for pricing information. Also, go to Co.Fo.Me.Gra's website for more information.

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Co.Fo.Me.Gra. is based in Milan, Italy.

RELIAS  distributes Co.Fo.Me.Gra's products in Denmark and Norway.

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