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QUALMARK - member of ESPEC Corp.

HALT/HASS is used by developers and manufacturers of electronic and electrical products and helps provide higher reliability of the product, leading to fewer customer-observed quality problems and lower warranty costs.

For more than 25 years Qualmark has continued to develop the the HALT/HASS testing technology that helps designers and manufacturers of medical, automotive, consumer, defence, and aerospace products faster send more reliable products on the market while at the same time minimise non-budgetted design and warranty costs.


Qualmark's HALT/HASS chambers use a combination of omni-axial broad-broadband vibration, extreme temperatures, and rapid thermal cycling to accelerate ageing and to stimulerate design weak-points to appear within a very short time. This enables the design engineer to improve the quality and durability of his design at an early stage of the design process.

Qualmark's HALT/HASS chambers come in a broad variety of sizes, options, and add-on services. Any need for accelerated stress testing can be met, and any solution can be tailor-made to fit the customer's specific requirements.

Depending on which model is chosen, temperatures can be controlled in a range up to -100...+250 °C, vibration levels can exceed 70 gRMS, and thermal cycling can be carried out at ramping rates in excess of 60 °C per minute

The entry model is Typhoon 1.5 which is a small but full HALT/HASS chamber used for accelerated stress testing on printed circuit boards and small products. The largest HALT/HASS chamber is Typhoon 8.0 which is used for testing and screening of large products up to 2,4 m of length.


QFusion is a state-of-the-art HASS chamber which contains 6 small HASS test stations in one chamber. This gives maximum screening capacity and lowest possible cost per product tested.

Contact RELIAS to find the HALT/HASS chamber that is suitable for your needs and for expert advise on establishing the needed facility for using HALT/HASS efficiently.

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Qualmark Corp. 


Qualmark was aquiredby ESPEC Corp. in 2017. Qualmark has its man office and factory in Denver, Colorado, USA, and is a market leader in designing and manufacturing HALT/HASS chambers.

RELIAS  distributes Qualmark's products in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

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QFusion HASA test

For inline screening on the production line. Temperature range -60... +120 °C and vibration 5...40 gRMS.

OVTT vibration table

Stand-alone omni-axial vibration table in two sizes which can be used in combation with a thermal testing chamber.

Typhoon series

With a temperature range of -100...+250 °C, vibration tables from 45x45 cm up to 254x122 cm and omni-axial vibration 5...75 gRMS.

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