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Qualmark Corp, USA
Climatic & thermal
ESPEC Corp., Japan
Climatic & thermal Binder, Germany
Ovens & incubators Zhicheng Instruments, China
Corrosion & UV / solar light
Co.Fo.Me.Gra. srl, Italy
Vibration testing Dongling Technology, China
Vibration controllers
Dynatronic Corp., China
Accelerometers & amplifiers
VIP Sensors, USA
Shielded chambers, EMC chambers
Variable AC & DC  power supplies
Behlman Electronics, USA
Safety testing of electrical installations
Sonel, Poland

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Qualmark is based in Denver, Colorado, USA, and is a market leader in designing and manufacturing HALT/HASS chambers.

RELIAS  distributes Qualmark's products in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

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HALT/HASS is used by developers and manufacturers of electronicc and electrical products and helps provide higher reliability of the product, leading to fewer customer-observed quality problems and lower warranty costs.
For more than 20 years QUALMARK has continued to develop the the HALT/HASS testing technology that helps manufacturers of medical, automotive, consumer, defence, and aerospace products faster send more reliable products on the market while at the same time minimise non-budgetted design and quality costs.
QUALMARK's HALT/HASS chambers use a combination of omni-axial broad-broadband vibration, extreme temperatures, and extreme thermal cycling to accelerate ageing and to stimulere design weak-points to appear within a very short time. This enables the design engineer to improve the quality and durability of his design at an early stage of the design process.
QUALMARK's HALT/HASS chambers come in a large variety of sizes, options, and add-on services. Any need for accelerated stress testing can be met, and any solution can be tailor-made to fit the customer's specific requirements.
Depending on which model is chosen, temperatures can be controlled in a range up to -100...250 C, vibration levels can exceed 70 g RMS, and thermal cycling can be performed in excess of 1 C per minute
The entry model is HawQ which is a small but full HALT chamber is used for HALT on printed circuit boards and small products. The largest HALT/HASS chamber is Typhoon 8.0 which is used for testing and screening of large products up to 2,4 m. And the Typhoon model range starts with Typhoon 1.5 which has a vibration table of 45 by 45 cm.
QFusion is a state-of-the-art HASS chamber which contains 6 small HASS test stations in one chamber. This gives maximum screening capacity and lowest possible cost per product tested.

HawQ                                                        QFusion

Typhoon 3.0                                                        Typhoon 1.5


ESPEC er based i Osaka, Japan, and has factories in several locatiions in Japan, China and USA.

RELIAS  distributes ESPEC's products in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.



ESPEC Corp. is an industry-leading expert in environmmental simulation and accelerated thermal testing. ESPEC designs and manufacters temperature chambers, climatic chambers, and thermal cycling chambers of undispusted quality.

A market-best quality combined with unique useability make an ESPEC chamber a reliable resource for many years of testing.

ESPECs product program includes:
- Temperature chambers (-70…+180 °C, 20…1.800 liter)
- Climatic chambers  (10…98% RH, -70…+180 °C, 20…1.800 liter)
- Walk-in temperature- og climatic chamber from 4 m3 and up
- Air-to-air thermal cycling/shock chamber, from 11 liter and up
- Liquid-to-liquid thermal shock chambers

ESPEC's product program is very broad and contains a solutions for all testing needs. See below for overviews of the two most popular chamber series. Contact RELIAS Engineering for guidance and advise on which chamber will provide the solution you need.

Platinous J: Type 3, 4, 2 & 1 (from left)

Platinous J series