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RELIAS Engineering is based on 20 years of experience with specialised testing and more than 10 years of operating as a distributor and service partner for in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and the rest of Northern Europe.

Also, RELIAS Engineering represents innovation and inspiration to its customers, providing novel and leading testing methods.

RELIAS Engineering operates a demo laboratory i Viborg, Denmark, giving customers the possibility to assess many our our products before ordering. We currently have equipment for HALT/HASS, vibration and shock, corrosion, UV and climatic/thermal testing.

Contact RELIAS Engineering for details and for setting up a meeting at your company or in our demo lab.

(C) RELIAS Engineering since 2003
RELIAS Engineering        Farvervej 35, DK-8800 Viborg, Denmark      Ph. +45 7070 1527